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  • Fortune 500 Company
  • 100,000 Members
  • Service Desk Management
  • Ticketing Platform Management


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The Customer

Microsoft BizSpark is a global program with a membership of over 100,000 that helps startups succeed by giving them free access to Microsoft Azure cloud services, software, and support. 

The Challenge

The BizSpark team needed help in the following areas:

  • BizSpark customers had multiple channels to receive support with no definition around customer journey
  • There was no consistent, reliable program messaging and information communication stream
  • There were no ticket intake tools for tracking SLAs, customer satisfaction, or top support issues
  • Undefined KPIs, customer satisfaction metrics, and program objectives
  • A lack of a standardized Tier 1 support processes, including gaps in program knowledge 

The Solution

Beyondsoft’s solution for BizSpark support started with a phased approach. It was determined that the highest impact pain point for customers was inconsistent and unreliable program messaging. To resolve this, the Beyondsoft team needed to become subject matter experts for the program and engineering backend. This entailed creating over 30 custom content pieces, ranging from engineering updates to program functionality on the Microsoft Community Forums. This new channel of frontline (Tier 1) support reached over 50,000 customers, facilitating a self-help model and reducing support overhead.

The next phase was to identify the top support issues that customers encountered consistently and translate those into business requirement documents for engineering enhancements. This was accomplished by partnering with the stakeholders and third party vendors to prioritize and implement the engineering fixes.

The final stage consisted of migrating to a new ticketing platform (MSSolve) and aligning with congruent support teams. The team created a schedule and communication matrix to retire four support inboxes and realign the customer support journey. This resulted in improving customer responses to within 4 hours, resolutions within one business day, and high customer satisfaction ratings (NSAT).   

The Results

Microsoft now has a streamlined support model, integrated into its support engine, enabling the BizSpark support team to transfer tickets to related product groups that have dependencies on the BizSpark program.  With MSSolve API to Power BI, Microsoft can view top support drivers, level of service, and customer service in real time.

BizSpark customers now have a streamlined customer journey to the correct channel for support, reducing their overall ticket resolution time to one business day and driving a high level of customer satisfaction.

These improvements allow the BizSpark program to focus resources on true value-add enhancements with a focus on increasing its return on investment.

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