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  • Consulting/Project Management
  • Agile development
  • Scrum management


A Customized Scrum Solution

The Customer

The Strategic Enterprise Services IT team manages the support process for Microsoft’s instant messaging and collaboration tool. From text messages to video chat services, Skype allows users to participate in conference calls and private meetings, with the ability to share content through file sharing or presentations, anywhere in the world. 

The Challenge

The incident and problem management space needed help defining rules, roles, and processes for support requests. This included setting expectations for task ownership and meeting deadlines. They also had an issue with being randomized by ad-hoc requests from outside entities.

The Solution

Beyondsoft created a customized scrum model and provided agile methodology education. This enabled the Microsoft team to manage the request in a more sustainable and productive way, while allowing management visibility into the process.

The Results

With the customized scrum process in place, Microsoft’s work is now streamlined, allowing the support team to define and focus on high priority issues. Providing action items for each issue in the ticketing tool backlog assures no requests are overlooked. The support team is not only more productive and organized, but with the ability to provide visibility to senior management, they are being recognized for the work they accomplish.

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