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A cost-effective agile environment

The Challenge

Whether creating cloud applications for internal use or for customers, development today is all about speed. Users want to see new content and cloud services capabilities at a lightning-fast pace. They expect bugs to disappear instantly and do not want to wait two weeks for new feature requests to be implemented.

Developers are looking for access to unlimited cloud resources to help them do their jobs quickly. They want performance tests at any time, with the higher loads they need and fast results. They want to promote their code or test production environments with the click of a button. 

The Solution

Our cloud consulting team uses Beyondsoft Dev Test Cloud, a cloud based application development and test environment, which leverages Microsoft Azure cloud services to deliver best-of-breed Visual Studio technologies to development teams. The Dev Test Cloud application enables developers to access Visual Studio or Eclipse integrated development environments (IDE) through Windows Remote Desktop, allowing them to access the full power of their preferred IDE from any location through Microsoft Remote Desktop clients.

For quality assurance (QA) testing, QA teams can use Microsoft Test Manager in Dev Test Cloud to manage all of their testing. They can also use a template to create a test environment in minutes, and then store all test artifacts and results in Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

When teams need to do performance or load testing, they can use Azure resources for load testing, which is integrated into the service. QA analysts manage the tests through Microsoft Test Manager and execute them using Azure.

By using Dev Test Cloud, development organizations can deliver the gold-standard development and test environments to their development and QA teams with no hassle. When a project is complete, the developers or QA engineers can simply shut down the virtual servers. They no longer have to worry about over-utilized assets causing delays or underutilized assets costing money. All of the assets are virtual and created on demand, so they only cost money when the business needs them. It is the ultimate agile and economic solution. 

The Results

Organizations using the service no longer need any hardware to host development or test environments and don’t have to worry about resource constraints. They can perform tests at the loads they want quickly and cost effectively.

Rather than waiting days or weeks for IT to set up a new environment, developers can use self-service portals to create the environments they need in five to ten minutes. They simply select the appropriate virtual machine template from their portal, and the server is created using Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines.

Beyondsoft estimates that organizations should expect to reduce IT time spent on development activities by 95 percent and reduce their development costs by 80 percent.

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